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Front-End Sales Channels:

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How to fuel your existing back-end sales processes using an often-overlooked source of front-end customers… quickly, easily, and with minimal upfront risk.

For Established Infopreneurs It’s All About the Back-End

ClickBank AdvantageMost established infopreneurs view front-end product sales as a mechanism for acquiring new, qualified customers. By purchasing relatively low-priced front-end products, these new customers have not only indicated their interest in the topic, they’ve also demonstrated that they are actually willing to pay for quality information related to the topic.

Front-End Sales Set the Stage for Back-End Growth

Of course, a certain percentage of these front-end buyers will be willing to step-up and pay for even more information. Most established infopreneurs are acutely aware of this dynamic and have set-up robust back-end processes for offering these newly acquired customers other, more valuable products and services over time.

In fact, many infopreneurs generate so much customer value through these back-end processes that they are willing to lose money on front-end sales, knowing that the resulting customers will be worth far more to them in the long run.

Finding Good Front-End Sales Channels Is Challenging

ClickBank AdvantageUnderstanding the true value of their customers on the back-end, established infopreneurs want to expose their front-end offerings to as many potential buyers as possible. To that end, most are leveraging a variety of front-end sales channels—advertising, joint ventures, affiliate programs, Kindle/iBooks stores, and more.

Most Front-End Sales Channels Are Not Ideal

Unfortunately, most front-end sales channels pose challenges and risks for infopreneurs. Advertising often requires upfront expense and time-consuming testing. Joint ventures will often involve numerous conversations, legal agreements, and payment issues.

And while the large e-book storefronts may have great reach, they typically won’t share the customer information that is so critical for back-end remarketing. As a result, the infopreneurs using these channels are forced to load their products with extensive “bounce-back” offers, just hoping that new customers will respond and ultimately get on their list.

An Often-Overlooked Channel Is Uniquely Suited to the Task

ClickBank AdvantageWith all of the options available today, it’s easy to overlook one front-end channel that’s been quietly serving infopreneurs for more than a decade. An early innovator in the information publishing and marketing arena, ClickBank is a proven channel that every established infopreneur should have as part of their front-end promotional mix.

The ClickBank Channel by the Numbers

Founded in 1998, ClickBank retails more than 50,000 information products in over 300 different categories. With a sales team of 100,000 active affiliates, selling in six different languages and more than 30 currencies, ClickBank has a global reach that serves over 200 countries on daily basis.

Over the years, tens of thousands of infopreneurs have relied on ClickBank to engage with nearly 50 million new customers. So if you’re an established infopreneur that isn’t using ClickBank as a front-end channel, it’s time to take a closer look…

Acquire New Customers with Minimal Effort and Risk

ClickBank AdvantageFor established infopreneurs, adding a ClickBank channel is a simple and straightforward way to gain new customers without much effort or risk. After all, established infopreneurs have already done most of the hard work associated with developing a compelling front-end product and an effective sales pitch. And ClickBank’s pay-for-performance model virtually eliminates risk.

Self-Liquidating Customer Acquisition

Other than a small activation fee, there are no out-of-pocket costs associated with selling on the ClickBank platform. Retailing fees are only assessed on each successful sales transaction, after the sale is made. And, of course, affiliate commissions are only paid on the sales that are generated, after they are generated.

ClickBank’s pay-for-performance model for front-end sales enables what many call “self-liquidating” or “negatively financed” customer acquisition—where customer acquisition costs are not incurred until after the customer is actually acquired.

Get the Customer Information You Need for Remarketing

ClickBank AdvantageMany front-end channels are loathe to share the end-customer information that is so critical for back-end selling. Utilizing these channels often requires liberal amounts of duct-tape—multiple bounce-back offers, post-sale registration processes, and so on. Sometimes it’s worth all of the extra effort—but you have to put forth the effort just to find out.

ClickBank Provides Access to the Customer

When a front-end product is sold through the ClickBank platform, ClickBank provides the infopreneur with complete access to the end-customer after the sale. This customer information—which includes name and email address—can be easily incorporated into existing follow-up processes and back-end systems.

Direct access to the end-customer for nearly seamless front-to-back integration sets ClickBank apart as a front-end channel that truly understands the needs of established infopreneurs.

Leverage a ClickBank Channel In Just Three Simple Steps

ClickBank AdvantageFor established infopreneurs, creating a ClickBank channel is a relatively simple process that starts with identifying an existing front-end product to promote.

It’s best to utilize a front-end product that is already proven to attract and acquire the right kinds of customers—something with a track-record that ClickBank affiliates will find compelling and motivating. Many infopreneurs find that an introductory product with a selling price of between $19 and $39 often strikes the right balance between end-customer sales conversion and attractive affiliate commission levels.

Up-and-Running in Just a Matter of Hours

Once a compelling front-end offer has been identified, the mechanics from there largely consist of filling in fields and adjusting settings in the ClickBank interface. And while there is some calendar time for ClickBank’s product approval process, most established infopreneurs only have to invest a few hours.

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